SGT Times is a venture launched by the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology in coordination with the Digital Department of the SGT University, Gurugram with a dual aim of providing unbiased development news to readers as also to provide students of Journalism and Mass Communication of the University a platform to sharpen their skills of storytelling so that when they pass out from the University, they are industry ready. A deliberate attempt has been made to keep away news about heinous crimes and political mudslinging from this portal so that the young minds imbibing knowledge are not polluted at this tender age.

As a publication, SGT Times is firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values.

We are starting at a modest note, but we can assure that we are not constrained by our vision and we promise to surge forward to make the platform better and more reader friendly.

We make an earnest appeal: please read us, share our stories and tweet/ retweet our content, and send us your feedback.

Editor in Chief – Sushil Manav

Editors – Monika Sharma and Biswambhar Bose

News Editor – Ishika Bhardwaj