Alert: Airtel Faces Escalating Theft Threat from Mobile Towers

Reported by Harsh Tripathi

Airtel, one of India’s leading telecom companies, is grappling with a growing concern: theft incidents from its mobile towers scattered across the nation. The company’s national nodal officer recently issued a warning, highlighting the alarming frequency of thefts occurring at these vital infrastructure points.

The thefts are not only causing financial losses to the company but are also significantly disrupting services for Airtel customers. With a rise in stolen Remote Radio Units (RRUs) and Base Band Units (BBUs), customers are experiencing difficulties in making calls and accessing internet services seamlessly.

Investigations by the crime branch have revealed a disturbing trend. It appears that a sophisticated theft gang, allegedly led by individuals named Najim and Salman, is operating across different states. Their modus operandi involves purchasing stolen RRUs and BBUs from various sources, presumably unaware of their origins.

Once acquired, these stolen components are stealthily transported to a warehouse located in Rohini, Delhi, where they are concealed from authorities. Subsequently, the stolen items are resold in the market at exorbitant prices, perpetuating a cycle of theft and profit.

The implications of these thefts extend beyond mere financial losses for Airtel. The integrity of its network infrastructure is compromised, leading to service disruptions and inconveniences for millions of subscribers nationwide.

Moreover, such incidents underscore the need for heightened security measures to safeguard critical telecom infrastructure from criminal elements. Airtel, along with law enforcement agencies, is working diligently to apprehend those responsible and mitigate further incidents of theft.

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