Department of Nutrition & Dietetics organises industrial visit to “Flight Kitchen”

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, May 27

Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences provided an excellent opportunity to the students of under- graduate and post- graduate programmes along with three faculty members Dr. Akanksha Yadav, Dr. Govind Bhatt & Ms. Shelly Garg to visit one of the best “Flight Kitchen”.

The objective of this industrial visit was to create an awareness and better understanding in students about the recent advances in the food service management system of the industrial kitchen.

The faculties and the students were welcomed by the staff members of Flight

Kitchen and supervised by Dr. Aftab Beg Senior Manager, Quality Assurance.

The students were introduced to various sections of kitchen including receiving department, which consist of 2 doors, one for dairy & meat and other for fruits & vegetables. Students were also fortunate to observe the in-house bakery and confectionary unit where food items were being prepared like buns, cakes, muffins etc.

The pre – preparation was divided into 4 different sections – fruits, vegetables, meat products and sea food. The different areas of kitchen were allotted to different chefs to prepare different cuisines like – Chinese, continental, Indian and Italian.

During visit, the students were provided with

an insightful knowledge regarding various topics like – pasteurization time and temperature (i.e.72°C for 15 second). Temperature of cold storage area (5°C) and many more aspects of food service institution.  It was beyond the cloud experience for the students to understand various food systems in flight kitchen, where food safety and quality maintenance has always been a topmost priority. Overall, it was an insightful knowledge to all the students of Nutrition & Dietetics Department

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