Department of Public Health Dentistry, SGT University conducts camp and street play at Pataudi village

Jagriti Uppal
Gurugram, March 26

Department of Public Health Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University on 26th March 2022 at Pataudi Village, Gurugram in association with the Medical fraternity and SGT University Publicity Team organized an oral health screening and treatment camp. The Dental team took initiative under the guidance of Professor Head and Associate Dean Dr. Shourya Tandon. The cam was organized to celebrate World Oral Health Week and World Tuberculosis Day, 2022. The Dental team was headed by Associate Professor, Ph.D. department Dr. Meenakshi Chopra and Professor, Oral Pathology and Microbiology Dr. Mohit Sharma along with two PG students, four interns, two attendees, and a team of interns were also there to perform the street play. A total of 31 patients were examined which included 21 males and 10 females and 14 patients were provided treatment in Mobile Dental Van on a campsite. Patients who required complex treatment were referred to Dental Hospital in SGT University. Interns performed a street play to educate people about Tuberculosis and the need to comply with a drug regimen to cure the disease. Oral health education was imparted to the people and proper brushing technique was demonstrated to both adult and child patients. The general population gave positive feedback and appreciated the check-up and treatment provided by the Dental Team. The interns appreciated the opportunity provided to them to interact with patients in a community setting leading to improvement in their soft skills and approach towards patients in an outreach location, they also expressed their wish to participate in such activities in the future. The purpose of the dental camp was to promote the World Oral Health Days and World Tuberculosis Day, 2022, and create awareness in the community towards the importance of oral health

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