Faculty of Behavioural Sciences organises an Community Outreach Program at Khurrampur.

As a part of community outreach program, a team of FBS comprising two teachers and
students visited village Khurrampur (Gurugram) on 27-04-2023. This village has been
adopted by FBS for extending community services for creating an echo system in the village
helpful for development of community and holistic growth of children and adolescents and
purposeful and productive life style of adults. Participatory Action Research (PAR) model is
being followed to achieve the valued goals of this programme. In accordance with the
guiding principles of this model, regular visits to the village are being made by the team.
Each visit is marked by extensive exchange of ideas between the village folk and the team.
The meetings in group settings and individual settings with the village leadership as well as
villagers of different occupational backgrounds and castes were held. Out of the series of
discussions, multiple problems and issues being faced by majority of the village population
have emerged. These problems are identified as:
1. Safe Drinking Water
2. Disposal of sewage
3. Education of children
4. Employment/ Livelihood for youth
5. Condition of Women
6. Alcoholism and substance abuse
On the bases of opinions expressed and attitudes held by the villagers in general, it is
being realized that the life of villagers has been hit hard by the menace of addictions of
alcohol, and other substances. It has become prevalent across the age levels ranging from
adolescence to adulthood and old. Addiction has taken the form of a social evil and is
exacting a heavy toll from the village community. As reported by the village sarpanch the
mortality rate of this village is higher than the average and this higher death rate is ascribed to
these addictions. The spill over effect is not only limited to perpetuation of poverty but to
exploitation of women, school dropouts and deteriorating health. Having analysed the social
and economic conditions and the plight of women, youth and adolescents, the opinions of
villagers were considered. A shared consensus and collective willingness emerged to get rid
of the menace of addictions. The villagers were more concerned about the fate of youth and
adolescents. The village leadership and commoners came forward with the suggestions that
immediate intervention is required to curb the evil of alcoholism and substance abuse. Once it
is controlled and effective measures for prevention are adopted, then the villagers will
themselves become empowered to deal with other problems.
Emergent upon the interactions of FBS team with the villagers, an urgent need is being
realized to take necessary steps to de-addict the alcoholics and substance abusers as well as
insulate the youngsters so as not to fall prey to such devastating habits. To decide upon the
plan of action, the next few meetings with villagers will focus on devising plans and
strategies to make the village free from all types of addictions. Meanwhile an awareness
program will also be launched in the village to enlist cooperation of all the residents. The
proposal based on the viewpoints of the villagers will be submitted to the university
authorities for consideration and approval.

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