Faculty of Commerce and Management organized a workshop on Design Thinking

The Faculty of Commerce and Management organized a workshop on Design Thinking on May 17, 2023.
Mr. Sanjay Kapur Entrepreneur, Educator and, Consultant was the resource person for the session. The
workshop on design thinking equipped participants with a structured methodology to design thinking,
fostered collaboration and creativity, and empowered them to develop innovative solutions that
address user needs more effectively.
The workshop aimed at familiarizing participants with the core concepts and process of design thinking,
develop participants problem-solving and creative thinking skills, encourage collaboration and
teamwork among participants and inspire participants to think innovatively and challenge assumptions.
The session introduced design thinking principles and its relevance in problem-solving, provided
overview of the five stages of the design thinking process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test
and included interactive exercises and activities to apply design thinking techniques.
At the end, the Q&A session addressed student queries and the resource person shared insights on
design thinking with the participants.
The workshop received highly positive feedback from participants, who appreciated the practical
approach of the workshop, hands-on activities and group exercises which broadened their perspective
and inspired them to approach problem-solving differently.
In conclusion, the Design Thinking Workshop sparked a new mindset among attendees, encouraging
them to approach problem-solving in a more innovative and user-centric manner.

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