Faculty of Education organise a free Assessment camp for Children With Special Needs at UDAAN.

Faculty of Education, Department of Special Education organise a free Assessment camp on April 21st,2023 for Children With Special Needs at UDAAN (OPD of Special Education), SGT University in which approx 40 children from all surrounding villages (Chandu, Budhedha, Galibpur, Ghubhana, Rawta, Jhuljhuli, etc.) came for their assessment. The assessment was done successfully of all children.
There are several professionals from various faculties are included in this assessment camp like Department of Special Education ( Faculty of Education), Department of Clinical Psychology (Faculty of Behavioural Science), Faculty of Physiotherapy, Department of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology ( Faculty of Allied and Health Sciences and Department of Pediatrics ( Faculty of Medical Science).
All the professionals assess the student’s needs individually and guide them for future education and proper rehabilitation.
This camp is done under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Education – prof. (Dr.) Madhavi Sharma, Mr. Praveen Kumar Jaat ( Assistant professor), Ms. Divya Sharma ( Assistant professor), Mr. Awadhesh Kumar ( Assistant professor), Ms. Poonam Talwar (Assistant professor), and other faculty members and teacher trainees of Special Education.

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