Faculty of Physiotherapy organises free health camp at Haily Mandi, Jatauli, Haryana

Jagriti Uppal

Gurugram, March 29

The faculty of Physiotherapy organized a Camp on Tuesday at Haily Mandi, Jatauli. The camp was organized under the direction of Dr. Sajjan Pal Assistant Professor and Dr. Aditi Sharma, Assistant Professor at SGT University. A group of passionate graduates and postgraduate physiotherapy students examined the patients. A total of 70 people were counseled, including both youngsters and adults. All patients were given a complete evaluation, which included blood sugar and blood pressure analysis, as well as physiotherapy services, which included exercise prescription, posture correction guidance, and modalities as needed. Patients who require further treatment were referred to SGT Hospital. The motive of the camp was to raise awareness about the benefits of physiotherapy treatment in preventing and treating a variety of diseases. People were sent home with the message that while medications may heal the majority of their issues, exercise will improve their quality of life.

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