Faculty of Physiotherapy organizes free sports and health camp

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, May 14

The Faculty of Physiotherapy hosted a Sports Assessment Camp on Saturday, May 14, 2022, at Sangam Yoga VikasSangthanNakhrola.

The camp was arranged by a group of dedicated graduates and postgraduate sports physiotherapy students under the guidance of Dr. Vinika, Assistant Professor, and Dr. HimanshuAssistant Professor.

The camp’s primary purpose was to promote awareness about the importance of physiotherapy treatment in preventing and treating many significant sports injuries.

 A total of 50 athletes, including zonal, state, and national level competitors, were examined.

Players from different sports like cricket, soccer, kabaddi, and football received a thorough examination that included a flexibility test, a sports-specific assessment, etc. Moreover, they also received sports-specific physiotherapy training that included exercise prescription, group training, warm-up, cool-down techniques, endurance training, and modalities as needed.

The team of doctors provided a thorough explanation.

Players were also advised to seek medical attention at the SGT Medical College, Hospital, and Research Institute.

Players were told that exercise would help them avoid injuries and improve their game performance.

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