IFFI 2021: “21st Tiffin” pays tribute to all women who have lost their identity in the tireless service of others

21st Tiffin – an IFFI 52 film with a protagonist without a name, for a reason which is as ordinary as it is extraordinary. Explaining the curious portrayal of the character, Director Vijaygiri Bava says: “It’s an intimate story on human emotion and relationships. We have tried to depict the lives of all women who have lost their identity, in the service of others. That’s the reason we have not given any name to the protagonist.” Bava was addressing a press conference in Goa today, on the sidelines of the 52nd International Film Festival of India, being held during November 20 – 28, 2021. The film is based on Gujarati writer Raam Mori’s Sahitya Akademi award-winning book. He was also present on the occasion.

From being a mother to a wife, from a daughter to a sister; women are an epitome of sacrifice and selflessness. How often do we pause and pay our heartfelt gratitude to them? The Director informs that he has come out with 21st Tiffin as a tribute to all those women who have lost their identity in the process of tireless service to keep others happy.

The Director said that his movie tells the story of a middle-aged woman who is busy in serving others within her family and outsiders by providing tiffin box. The lady runs a tiffin service by herself, in addition to performing her various duties as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

It turns out that in this process, she ends up never bothering about herself. Her daughter Nitu notices that her mother plays all her roles well, yet finds something amiss in her behaviour. Things change when a young boy named Dhruv, who comes to the lady as the 21st customer of her tiffin service, begins to appreciate her. This sudden entry of little admiration takes away the affliction in the lady’s behaviour.

Bava said that Gujarat is usually known for business and trade, but there are very good artists in the state. “Our art and artists are underrepresented in national and international platform.”

He expressed his happiness for the opportunity for his film to be featured at IFFI, in the Feature Film Category of the Indian Panorama Section. “I am so elated that my film finds a place at this prestigious festival. I am thankful to the jury members for selecting our film”.

He said that the film has been shot in sink-sound mode without any dubbing and patchwork, that too within no more than eight days, amidst the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.

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