Khattar assures higher compensation for hailstorm-hit farmers in Sonipat district

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced that farmers whose crops have been damaged due to a recent hailstorm would be given proper compensation, and this compensation will be higher than the present compensation of Rs. 12,000 per acre.

The new compensation will be announced in the next cabinet meeting.

While addressing the group of villagers in the Jharothi village of Sonipat after doing an aerial survey of crop damage, Khattar assured people that proper compensation will be given and said that he himself is the son of a farmer and entire Haryana is like his family.

“Haryana is the land of farmers and 70 percent of the agriculture is done here. When farmers are happy, then only shopkeepers, workers, traders, and people running factories will be benefitted”, he said.

He said that during COVID, Rs 16000 crore were given to the farmers by the State Government. In 2015, when the crops were damaged due to rain, the money was deposited in the accounts of the farmers in one and a half months and cheques only up to Rs. 2, 4 and Rs. 10 were given to the farmers.

He added that when the new government was formed in the state, it was decided that no farmer’s cheque would be made less than Rs. 500.

In the earlier governments, Rs. 5,700 per acre was given as compensation for crop failure, which was later increased to Rs. 7,500. When the new government was formed, it announced the compensation of Rs. 12,000 per acre, Khattar added.

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