Oral Health Screening And Treatment Camp At Devarkhana, Jhajjar

Ishika Bhardwaj

An oral health screening and treatment camp was organized by the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University on 21st October 2022 (Thursday) at Devarkhana, Jhajjar in association with Reliance Foundation at their Model Economic Township area. 

This activity was the 7th outreach activity, under an annual collaboration between SGT University & Reliance Foundation, Mumbai which was convened by Dr. Shourya Tandon (Prof. & Head and Associate Dean). 

The Dental team was headed by Dr. Meenakshi Chopra (Associate Professor, PHD department), and Dr. Surbhi (Assistant Professor, PHD department) along with 2 postgraduates Dr. Pratishtha (Oral Surgery), Dr. Kevin (Periodontics), 4 Interns- Savari, Swati, Samridhi, Tanisha and 2 attendants – Mr. Sunil and Mr. Darshan from PHD department. More than 120  patients were examined of which 24 patients were provided treatment (23 oral prophylaxis, 1 extraction) in a Mobile Dental Van on the campsite. The purpose was to examine and educate on taking care of teeth and mouth.

Dental camps were open to everyone whether they needed the treatment or not. Patients who required complex treatment were referred to Dental Hospital in SGT University. Oral health education was imparted to the people and proper brushing technique was demonstrated to both adult and child patients in an informative way for participants to add one extra star to the wellbeing of the residents of the society. Every Participant got a free toothbrush and toothpaste.By the end of the event, The Dental team motivated everyone to spend their free time doing good for society.

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