Outreach Activity coordinators, SGT University, visits Baslambi village

An interactive session with Rural Women and the Sarpanch of Baslambi to Empowerment
of Women by Samajik Vikas SGT ka Prayas Outreach Coordinators
Samazik Vikas, SGT ka Prayas (SVSP), SGT University Outreach Activity coordinators, paid
a visit to Baslambi village, to meet the women and Sarpanch- Mr. Surat to give them a new
opportunity to start their business.
SVSP Coordinators, Mr. Sunil Jaglan (Outreach Consultant cum Advisor) Dr. Vatsala
Saharan (Allied Health Sciences), Ms Neha Sharma (FMMT), and Ms. Shilpa (FFD) met
with the Rural Women and Sarpanch.
Mr. Sunil Jaglan told about the university is organising a training programme so that women
get more and more opportunities for employment and earning. He also told them how they
can earn from their own to sell their product on higher prices like – they can sell their Ghee
and butter milk in the cities on higher rates.
He also discussed about the self-help training program. Women were also interested in this
conversation, and they also want to make their self- help groups. They had three groups prior,
but they failed to run because of lack of training. They have a great interest in taking trainings
in self – help.
Dr. Vatsala Saharan discussed things on Foods and Nutrition and how can you sell their foods
in the market. She told them about Bazare ke biscuit, Barare ki Roti, red chilli Chatani and
sarson ka saag and bazare ke laddoo and make them understand how they can earn from their
deshi foods.
Ms. Shipla also discussed about different stitching styles and designing. In fashion designing
there is so much scope and earning. She told them you can make their own designing and sell
products with their own brand name.
In the last, women were also interested in media. Mr. Sunil Jaglan told sarpanch of their
village to start cinema outing for rural women once in a month and let them explore the
world. They were so happy to go and watch movies. That was so delightful and enriching
meetings with everyone. Looking forward for new things and opportunity given by SGT

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