SGT University’s agri faculty contributing in realising PM Modi’s dream of doubling farmers’ income

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, November 24

Under its community reach activities, the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences, SGT University, is organising activities in the surrounding villages of the district from time to time.

Recently, students and faculty members of the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences organised outreach activities in villages Makdola, Mubarakpur and Sultanpur.

Ashok Kumar, Dean, Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, said that the basic aims behind holding these community reach activities is empowerment of women, cutting cost of production for farming and increasing income of the farmers.

He said during visits to the villages, the faculty members provided training to the farmers for seed treatment of mustard wheat and seasonal vegetables.

The benefit of seed treatment is to reduce the risk of seed and soil borne fungal disease. Farmers were also made aware of the latest high yielding varieties of all seed crops and vegetables.

The scientists, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences also spoke about methods of quality cultivation, fertilizer application and ways to reduce irrigation in different Rabi crops.

Farmers were also made aware of the latest fertilizer such as Nano urea and water soluble fertilizer such as NPK and their time and quantity of spray so that the income of the farmers can be increased.

For the plant protection, teachers of the university also addressed issues like wastage of stored crops by suggesting proper storage method fumigation etc.

The SGT University has been organizing the farmers training program on weekly basis in the nearby villages.

These activities are helping the farmers to reduce their cost of cultivation and increase their income and profitability.

“Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a vision of doubling farmers’ income by 2022. The SGT University’s endeavours are directed at that direction,” said a spokesperson of the University.

These activities are also helping farmers to save inputs like water fertilizer so that they can perform farming activities in environment friendly manner.

Also 5 villages are adopted for 2 months by SGT University for making aware the farmers about good agriculture activities which increase the income of farmers and with zero environmental footprints”.

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