SGT University, Gurugram organises training program on “Administrative Skills” under its Young Leader Program.

Jagriti Uppal

Gurugram, March 22

SGT University, Gurugram is organizing a training program for a few Faculty members on the “Administrative Skills” under its Young Leader Program on Tuesday. Today Registrar Dr. Joginder Yadav addressed the faculty members. The main objective of this training program was to prepare the Young Leaders to learn from various University Officials about the daily functioning of several senior administrative positions within the University. On Tuesday, the first day of the program in which participants got the opportunity to learn from the Controller of Examination, SGT University Dr. Vijay Kumar, about the daily conduct related to the Examination Department. During the program, thirteen faculty members participated enthusiastically in the session and were able to upskill themselves related to the functioning of the Examination Cell. At the end of the session, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide suggestions if they have any, related to the University.

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