SGT University organizes the TaraMandal Astronomy show with a Mobile Planetarium

SGT Times Reporter
Gurugram, June 2

Centre for Cosmology and Science Popularization SGT University Organized TaraMandal Mobile Planetarium for the students.

Science Popularization Program is one of the major components of the Centre for Cosmology and Science Popularization(CCSP),SGT
University, Gurugram.

This science popularization program is designed for the school and college students and all other enthusiastic people of all ages. The goal is to develop a scientific temper among school students and all citizens. Scientific temper is a character with an open-minded attitude that is always ready to embrace new knowledge, new experiments, and fresh observations. The idea is to cultivate a scientific mindset, reasonable thinking, and a feeling of comprehension. We must not limit ourselves to rigorous marking, grading, result-oriented, or other socio economic criteria, but must also cultivate profound thinking to comprehend the physical nature of reality, the psychological nature of reality, and beyond.

The effort is to provide a platform for all the students and the subject experts to serve the purpose.

Dr. Shibesh Kumar Jas presently holds the position of Assistant Professor at the center for cosmology and popularization at SGT University Gurugram. He is a Hard core Researcher in the field of cosmology and a teacher with several years of experience .He has a great passion for the development of scientific temper among kids, students, and people of all ages.

Dr. Shibesh Kumar Jas said Students should know about how the parallel Universe. We are so busy in our life that we don’t appreciate what we have. We all have heard about astronomy but we don’t have time to explore it. Events like these give chance to students who can learn about astronomy and have the chance to build a career in, astronomy.

In a Quote, Dr. Shibesh Said children are naturally born scientists who had the curiosity to know everything but they are confined to their books.
Students are being burdened under the pressure of marks and grades. Through this event, they will be able to know more about cosmology.

A planetarium dome was created under which a 3Dimensional sky was created and a universe can be seen. Students were very curious when they saw another universe and explored it enthusiastically.

Gudiya, Saloni, and Nishu from the faculty of nursing said they liked the TaraMandal planetarium as they got to know the facts and origin related to the universe and said it was an impressive session.

The event concluded on a good note

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