SGT University’s Department of Mass Communication and Journalism attends the 31st NAI National Convention and Felicitation Ceremony.

New Delhi, January 8 – The Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at SGT University attended the esteemed 31st NAI (Newspapers Association of India) National Convention and Felicitation Ceremony held at the prestigious NDMC Convention Center, Sansad Marg, New Delhi on Friday, 5th January. The event showcased a congregation of distinguished media personalities, acclaimed journalists, eminent academicians, and aspiring students from across the nation. Notably, Prof.( Dr.) Satish Chander Sharma, Director – Approvals & Recognition, Dean – Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology was honoured with the esteemed Best Academician award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field. This convention served as a platform for insightful discussions, celebrating journalistic excellence, and envisaging the future landscape of media. Renowned figures from the media industry delivered enlightening keynote addresses, offering invaluable perspectives on the present state and forthcoming trends in journalism. Additionally, the felicitation ceremony recognized the exceptional achievements of journalists and academicians. Beyond the enriching discussions, the event fostered unparalleled networking prospects for students and professors, facilitating connections with industry leaders and offering invaluable career insights. The participation of our students and professors at the 31st NAI National Convention and Felicitation Ceremony was a testament to their commitment to learning and their dedication to exploring diverse facets of journalism.

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