Student Anchors and Reporters of SGT Times get tips on voice modulation, clarity of words and confidence in a session organized by Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology.

Jagriti Uppal
Gurugram, April 1

SGT Times, an initiative of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, encourages students from all backgrounds to come forward and explore their talent and skills in News Anchoring on their well-established platform. The experienced anchors endeavor to prepare the students to do the best of their capacity in the field. SGT University organized a workshop on “Voice Modulation in News anchoring” on March 31st, 2022, facilitated by the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology (FMMT). The session was inaugurated by Dean FMMT, Prof Sushil Manav. In the opening address, he complimented the organizers and talked about Voice Modulation’s importance in reading the news bulletins. He added that the students should be learning how to read the news like a professional reporter by focusing on confidence, clarity, and good diction. The speaker, Ms. Bhawna Tomar, Assistant Professor, Centre for Languages and Communication, further conducted the session. She continued by talking about the difficulties and problem areas that one faces. She played some sample videos of the students on the interactive panel and highlighted the errors. She added that although reading the news from a teleprompter may appear simple; it is more complicated than it seems. Anchors and reporters must develop a reading style that seems natural but isn’t too fast, too slow, too nuanced, too accented, too high-pitched, too quiet, or any other extreme to effectively communicate. Reading the news with the authority of a professional news anchor takes skill, practice, and education. Furthermore, some more sample videos done by qualified anchors were displayed to demonstrate the appropriate ways of voice modulation in news anchoring. After the session, a Q & A round was conducted in which students’ queries were very well-acknowledged by Ms. Tomar. The session was ended with a vote of thanks by Dean FMMT, Prof. Manav, who appreciated the speaker, Ms. Bhawna Tomar, and all the participants for their constant engagement.  

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