Students from the Faculty of Physiotherapy attend Karate Championship Event as sports physiotherapists.

On 16th April 2023, District Olympic Association (DOA)- Gurgaon organized 12th
District Karate Championship (2023-24) at Dundahera, Gurgaon. Master of Sports
Physiotherapy students from the Faculty of Physiotherapy (SGT University) Eepsita
Mahanta and Hetashri Upadhyay were posted as Sports physiotherapists for the
tournament. About 50 young karate players participated in the event. Before the
commencement of the event, a 10-minute warm-up session was taken for the players
and injury prevention strategies were taught by both skilled physiotherapists. The
championship started at 9 am with the assessment of each player’s body mass index assisted by DOA volunteers. Sports injuries such as strains, sprains, bruises, and cuts
were treated and therapeutic tools such as ice packs, Kinesio tapes, Thera bands were
used for physiotherapy treatment. After the competition, cool-down session was taken,
which included various stretching techniques. At the end of the event, Master of sports
physiotherapy Students were felicitated by Mr. Shihan Rajender Tanwar, Treasurer
(DOA) at the end of the event.

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