The Faculty of Commerce and Management Faculty of Commerce and Management conducts an Outreach Programme on Handholding of Unemployed Educated Youth at Patli, Hazipur.

A social issue or problem is an issue that has been recognized by society as a problem that is preventing society from functioning at an optimal level. It is important to understand that not all things that occur in society are raised to the level of social problems. one of the major social issues in India is unemployment. it causes enormous suffering for unemployed workers due to their reduced or nil income. For this Faculty of Commerce and Management under the aegis of SVSP (Samajik Vikas, SGT ka Prayas – Outreach Programme) organized an outreach interaction on 3rd March 2023 on “Handholding on Unemployed Educated Youth” in the Village Patli Hazipur, Farukhnagar,


In this outreach program, two faculty members Dr. Amita Arora and Mr. Nitin Sharma along with 15 students of 1 st and 3 rd year courses of IMBA and BBA visited the village Patli Hazipur to aware the villagers of various employment opportunities. 50 villagers including Sarpanch, ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers, and educated unemployed villagers participated in this outreach program. During this interaction, students got to know about the villagers’ issues related to unemployment. They helped them to resolve the issues by communicating about online job platforms like LinkedIn, Apna app, Hirect,, etc., and some Government job apps. Villagers were also sensitized about how to apply on these platforms by providing effective resume templates. It was a well-planned outreach program with lots of content and the information that benefited the students and the villagers. Outreach programs in villages empower villagers by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to solve their unemployment problems. This can lead to greater self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability. Working closely with village residents helped students to build strong relationships and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. This helps us to develop more effective solutions.

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