Union Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan hold a meeting with the Senior Officers of Department of Agricultural Research and Education, M/o Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare

Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare and Rural Development Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan today discussed in detail with senior officials of the Department of Agriculture Research and Education, Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Ministry regarding the agricultural research plan. Union Minister on 113 Research Institutes said that “we should assess that this work is important and we must have a network and whether our network has been able to give the expected results, is it working properly or not, for the purpose for which it was created and if there are gaps a detail report to be submitted. He further said that “if we set targets and are successful in achieving them, then we can bring about a new revolution, without this we cannot move ahead. Sometimes you must review what our targets were, what were our targets, how much we achieved, if we were able to achieve less, and then what the gaps that needed to be filled. By doing this, we will achieve the targets we have set by 2047. If we have set a target for 2047, then we should also set what our targets are for 2026, how much was achieved in 2026, how much was achieved in 2027”.

Union Minister further said that there is a need to work on how productivity in irrigated and non-irrigated areas is less in Jharkhand compared to the rest of the country. A campaign should be run to balance the productivity.

Union Minister, while understanding all the aspects of the departmental plan gave directions to focus on the researches that increase the productivity and income of farmers and decreases the production cost. He said that the efforts to be taken to promote the bio-fortified varieties of crop seeds in different segments of the farmers. The minister said that efforts to be taken so that there will be a balance in the productivity of crops in all regions.

Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Shri Ram Nath Thakur and Shri Bhagirath Chaudhary, Agriculture Secretary Shri Manoj Ahuja and Secretary of Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE) and Director General of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Dr. Himanshu Pathak were also present in the meeting.


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