Workshop on ‘General Writing Skills’ by Centre for Languages and Communication at SGT University

Bhawna Tomar

Gurugram, January 15

SGT University organized an Online Workshop on “General Writing Skills” on 17th & 18th January 2022, which was facilitated by the Centre for Languages and Communication (CLC) under the aegis of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology (FMMT).

On 18th January, 2022, the session started at 11:00 AM with the introductory remarks given by Prof. Sushil Manav, Dean FMMT. He welcomed Prof. Navdeep Singh Tung, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sarju Devi (HOD, CLC) and all the Faculty Members. Prof. Tung thanked and encouraged all the participants and the facilitators. Prof. Tung agreed with Dr. Sarju Devi, when she mentioned that English is a funny language.

Prof. Sushil Manav further extended the program by talking about the session’s theme; Technical Writing and aspects of good writing. He said that when we write something, it should be grammatically correct. He added that technical writing plays a vital role in the growth of academicians. Having good writing skills can be a work skill and help the faculty members as well the students to further excel in their research career.

Dr. Sarju Devi introduced both the presenters and handed over the session to the first presenter, Prof. Sam Nesamony, Centre for Languages and Communication. He presented on the theme “ How to write a Research Paper”. Prof. Sam Nesamony, Centre for Languages and Communication, in his lecture said, “Academicians of Universities needed more Publications to prove themselves as higher education in India undergoes imminent transition and transformation.” He was speaking in the much-awaited two-day workshop on “Writing Skills,” where he presented a lecture on “Writing a Research Paper,” conducted by the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology (FMMT) and Centre for Languages and Communication (CLC) at SGT University, Gurugram, Delhi-NCR.

After Prof. Sam, Dr. Anupam Kumar, Associate Professor, CLC took the initiative to talk about the “Aspects of Good Writing”. He explained how one can go ahead and do the free writing and later by editing and critically reviewing it, a good output can be achieved. He further articulated different voices that are present there in the language. Later in the presentation, Dr. Anupam Kumar discussed various aspects of grammar as well as professional writing and office writing. At the end of the session, a doubts/queries session was conducted, in which all the concerns and doubts were acknowledged.

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