“Fashion is the Armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Jagriti Uppal

It is one of the ways in which people express their personality, And when we are talking about summer fashion then the first thing appears in mind that it will include a lot of fresh and blooming colours plus you can wear different fabrics like cotton, linen and so on. Summer is the season that every local brand to big brands are excited for as there will be a lot of options and different styles of wearing the clothes. As summers are approaching SGT University, Gurugram Faculty of Mass Communication and Media technology has come up with new summer fashion solutions for you. If you are planning for an important interview or just going on a date then best solution at reasonable prices are summer shirts as they can transform you from a regular girl or boy to a professional woman or man. The traditional Asian clothing KURTA is very famous for wearing on festivals and on other occasions but do you know the simple KURTA can be transformed into dress for women just applying a simple belt on the waist. To know more about summer fashions and styles SGT University’s Faculty of Fashion and Designing Dean Dr. M.K.Nair briefly explained that colour theory, patterns and elements of color affect summers the most. He also informed that the department is fully set to launch new summer fashions and competitions for the students, he even added that they even started their own brand where everything will be available.

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