Field of education changing fast, jobs aplenty for literature graduates now: Prof. Sumer Singh

Inaugurates workshop by CLC

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, May 31

A two-day workshop “Enriching Students’ Learning Series” organized by the Centre for Languages and Communication, SGT University, began here in B Block Auditorium on Tuesday.

Prof. (Dr.) Sumer Singh, Advisor to the University, inaugurated the workshop.

Addressing the participants, all students of BA English (Hons), Prof. Sumer Singh said that the field of education and learning is changing so fast and it is often said that 60 percent of the jobs available 10 years from now will of the skills who don’t possess at all today.

He said that there was a time that youths obtaining an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in English literature could think of teaching jobs alone.

However, things have changed and now, they can aspire for jobs in a plethora of fields.

“Today, you can find jobs as corporate trainers, web-content designers, e-commerce managers, English content writers, tourist guides, search engine optimizers, scriptwriters, editors, social media managers, public relations officers, reporters, translators, interpreters, parliament reporters, UN executives, creative writers, advertising professionals, embassy executives, call centre executives, testimonial writers and so on,” he added.

Prof. Sumer Singh said that he was confident that the workshop will help in the development of skills and attitudinal change towards positivity among students through the workshop and they will get confidence and clarity through experiential learning.

Prof. Sushil Manav, Dean, Mass Communication and Media Technology, said that while the internet and technology has several positives, one of the side effect is that people spend more time on social media than they do reading books and newspapers.

He said that reading habit is more so important for the students of literature.

Dr. Sarju Devi, Head of Centre for Languages and Communication, said that literary discussions like this give students an opportunity to challenge their old notions, raise questions and grow as critical thinkers and literate members of the society.

Ms. Arvinder Kaur Pabla and Dr Anshika organized the event.

Dr. Sam Nasamony, Dr. Anupam Kumar, Ms. Monika Sharma and Dr Vineet Kumar were present during the workshop.

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