SGT University Pro-Chancellor Dr. Ramesh Chandra Kuhad ranked among the top 2 pc scientists in the list of global scientist

Kanika Gupta 

Gurugram, December 29

Prof. Ramesh Chander Kuhad, Pro-Chancellor of SGT University, Gurugram, is ranked among the top 2% of scientists globally in Biotechnology by the Stanford University survey (2020). 

He is ranked 325 in the World and 14 in India.

Dr. Kuhad has also served as Professor at the University of Delhi and as Vice-Chancellor at the Central University of Haryana, Mahendergarh.

His primary research area is Secondary Agriculture (Crop-by-Product) Biotechnology comprising wood (Lignocellulose) degrading enzymes production and their application in Bio-Bleaching, Bio-retting, Bio-Deinking and production of animal feed and bioethanol. 

Prof. Kuhad is the first person to develop an idea to bleach paper pulp in an eco-friendly way.

 He has developed a method for converting wheat straw into nutritionally enriched animal feed with solid-state fungal fermentation and an innovative way for bioethanol production.

The SGT University Pro-Chancellor has completed more than 18 projects funded from DBT, DST, UGC, CSIR, MOEF, and MNRE. Besides authoring more than 200 publications and editing five books, he also has four patents to his credit in different areas of Crop-by-Product Biotechnology.

He has also been felicitated as: ‘Fellow of Academy of Microbiological Sciences (FAMSC’) ‘Fellow of National Academy of Sciences India (FNASC),’ ‘Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (FNAAS),’ and ‘Fellow of Biotech Research Society (FBRS).’

And his achievements don’t end here. Prof. R C Kuhad is the Founder Chairman of the Indian Academy of Microbiological Sciences and has served as the Joint Director of the Institute of Life Long Learning (ILLL), University of Delhi. Besides this, he has been the General Secretary (2004-2010) and President (2011-2012) of ‘Association of Microbiologists of India.’

He is also well known for his work as an Editor of Scientific Reports- Nature Publishing Group, and Journals of Sustainable Energy, Editor of ‘Indian Journal of Microbiology’ Associate-editor of ‘Annals of Microbiology,’ and Guest Editor of Special Issue for Biodegradation and 3 Biotech Journals. 

Prof. Kuhad has received several prestigious awards and recognitions, a few of them are:- Life Time Achievement Award, AMI (2019), the prestigious Prof. G. S. Rangaswamy Memorial Award (Biennial) (2017) from ‘Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI),’ AMI-Dr. G. B. Manjrekar Award (2014), AMI-Platinum Jubilee Life Time Achievement Award (2013), AMI-Titan Biotech Award (2011), Short Term Biotechnology Overseas Research Associateship Award (2002-03), AMI- Alembic Award (1999), Biotechnology Long Term Overseas Research Associateship Award (1995-96). UNIDO/ICGEB Fellowship (1994) and Commonwealth Scholarship for Post-Doctoral Research (1985-1986). 

Over the years, he has contributed significantly as Chairperson in the development of model curriculum for UGC following the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for more than 100 undergraduate courses (2014), drafting UGC Regulations (2018) on ‘Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and Other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and measures for the ‘Maintenance of standards in Higher Education. 

Recently, he framed UGC Guidelines for Examination (2019-20) and new Session Calendar (2020-21) and (2021-2022) for Universities as well. developing manual of ‘Citizen Charter,’ ‘Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),’ and ‘National Education Policy – 2020 Implementation Plan: Strategic Action Plan and Goals and Curriculum framework for Central University of Haryana.’

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