Six entered the well to save the cat, 5 died of suffocation

A major incident occurred late at night in the Vadki village of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, where six individuals entered a well to rescue a cat. Unfortunately, due to toxic gas in the well, five lost their lives. Upon receiving information, the police arrived at the scene and retrieved the bodies after a rescue operation. The entire incident is under investigation.

Maharashtra: 5 Members Of Same Family Die After Jumping Into Abandoned Well To Save Cat In Ahmednagar

According to sources, the incident took place in the Vadki village of Ahmednagar. A cat had fallen into a well that had been closed for a long time, with garbage being dumped into it, leading to the formation of biogas. Upon learning about the cat falling into the well, people immediately rushed to the scene and prepared for a rescue operation.

To rescue the cat, people decided to enter the well. However, upon entering, one by one, they did not return. It was later discovered that toxic gas in the well caused their deaths by suffocation.

Senior police officer Dhananjay Jadhav from the Nevasa police station in Ahmednagar informed that upon receiving information, the police reached the scene. Efforts were made to retrieve the bodies with the rescue team. Five bodies have been recovered from the six individuals who attempted to rescue the cat.

All these individuals entered the well to rescue the cat. The well had been closed for a long time and garbage was being dumped into it. One person who tied a rope around his waist managed to survive. He has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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