2-day workshop on ‘Sound Design’ by Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, May 17

The Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology Organized a two-day workshop on Sound Design. Mr. Sudeep Chakravarty Freelance Sound Engineer and Music Composer, was the resource person.  On the first day of the program in his address, Mr. Sudeep Chakraborty told how sound plays an important role in every field. He said that whether it is journalism or the film industry, sound design is very important in every field and there is immense potential in this field.

He discussed the pillars of sound which are ambience, sound effects, dialogue, and music also discussed hypersonic and supersonic sounds. He also told students how to use sound instruments in a proper way. Students were curious and have their queries Mr. Sudeep Chakravarty cleared their queries.

On the second day of the workshop, a revision of the first day was done this student was given practical knowledge of how to use audacity software.  Practical training was given to students on how to edit audio on software. On audacity software bytes, voiceovers, and songs can be edited.  Under the guidance of Mr. Sudeep Chakravarty students practiced their tasks and asked their queries while practicing on the software.

Mr. Sudeep Chakravarthy handled the queries of students and helped them in completing their tasks.

Earlier, Prof. Sushil Manav, Dean, Mass Communication and Media Technology and Mr. Pankaj Rakesh, Advisor, welcomed Mr. Chakravarty.

Mr. S.K Pandey Associate Professor, Mr. Kranti Anand, Mr. Asif Husain, Mr. Biswambhar Bose, Dr Tejee Isha, Mr. Saleem Javed, Mr. Tushar Gulia, Mr. Madhav Sharma and Abhishek Dubey were also present during the workshop.

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