Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology, SGT University organized a workshop on oral hygiene and dental care

The faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology organized a workshop on oral hygiene and dental care at the SGT University campus for the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology. All the faculty members along with the students participated in the session. The keynote speaker of the workshop was Dr. Shourya Tandon, Associate Dean, of the Faculty of Dental Sciences. The event aimed to spread awareness among the students about the importance of oral hygiene and dental care. Highlighting the significance of oral hygiene and dental care, the workshop started with a welcome note from the Dean of the department Prof. Sushil Manav. He congratulated all the students and the Association of Media Educators for taking the initiative and organizing such a wonderful workshop.

Giving a  brief introduction about the workshop he said oral hygiene is the practice to keep one’s mouth clean which helps in the  prevention of dental diseases. He said that for a media professional it’s very important to have a camera-friendly face and this workshop can be beneficial to not only learning the techniques of dental care but also to learn ways to enhance the aesthetics of one’s smile. Giving a brief introduction about the workshop, Dr Shourya Tandon said that the workshop won’t be a boring awareness protocol but an insightful discussion as improving oral health
can directly lead to behaviour change and can contribute to the success of all the students aiming to make a career in the media industry. He said that it’s only a media professional who can spread this across the society so it is very important for all the students of media to
attend this. He asked all the students about their brushing habit, to which some students raised their hands so he said to be socially desirable some of you might raise your hand here but you need to introspect. He said that by inculcating a simple habit of brushing we can bring a huge change in society. He showed a PPT presentation with some pictures where one child looks happy and comfortable with his smile while other looks anxious and stressed about the way he looks. Pointing at the pictures he said that healthy teeth can lead to a happy life. He said that now people have weaker teeth as they cut fruits and eat with fork unlike elderly people who would eat the fruit directly. He said that our teeth get sharpened when we eat raw fruits instead of cutting them. He advised all the students to avoid junk food as they have chemicals and colouring agents which can be harmful for the teeth. He emphasised that we must all resolve to never consume tobacco as it can cause ulcers and is precancerous and on top of it you spend so much money on it. he said that out of peer pressure these days’ kids get into this habit of consuming tobacco and tobacco industry is very strong and ideally there should be no selling of tobacco in a distance of 500 km from an educational institution but there is no strict adherence to laws and is still it is being consumed by the students He said contrary to what most of the people think wisdom teeth do not make you wise and they have to be taken out as according to science they are of no use. He emphasised that for people with crowded teeth dental care is extremely important. He said that we have teeth to eat, speak, smile, and normal development of the face and for aesthetics. He said each and every tooth has blood vessels and nerves. He also talked about some common problems such as dental caries which happens as we don’t brush our back teeth and deposition of plaque, a soft matter that gets accumulated on the teeth and cause formation of bacteria. Another very common problem is Gingivitis which means having a foul smell and apart from this is misalignment of teeth is also another problem but can be cured with braces treatment. He also gave some tips for brushing and said that there are three types of brush- hard, soft and medium. He then mentioned that medium is best and soft is for people with injuries. He also stressed about the importance of night brushing. He advised all the students to be careful about cavity as everything has sugar in it and every wrapper and a nutrient chart and one should careful as with age immunity goes down. He said that dental disease is a silent disease and insurance companies do not provide any insurance coverage. He talked about some bad oral habits like sucking the thumb and nail biting which many people do when they are in tension. He talked about one very common problems these days among females that they are obsessed about having a zero figure and sometimes in order to look thinner they eat only salt but they don’t know how adversely it can affect one’s dental health. He discussed about the secrets of healthy smile and suggested all the students to use fluoride based tooth paste, eat a healthy diet, and regularly go for a dental visit. He said generally fluoride is there in all the tooth paste and it affects your molecular structure and if it’s more in quantity it can lead brown colour of the teeth. He said that excess fluoride can affect bones also. He said there are millions of bacteria behind your tongue and taste buds can get damaged if you are not careful about brushing. He suggested to that all should do flossing and keep their tongue clean. He said that mouth wash also should be used only after proper consultation with a doctor as it can lead staining of the teeth and tooth sensitivity. H said that that all should have alkaline diet with a balance of nutrients. He
emphasised about not bleaching the teeth as Asians natural yellow teeth and it can cause tooth sensitivity if you do it repetitively. Cleaning is very important to calculus deposit on the teeth. He discussed about prevention of trauma as well and said that if you visit the doctor in the
golden period when trauma takes place then a lot can be saved by reattaching the broken tooth. Else if you lose the original tooth then a cemented one has to be given. He advised all the students to visit a doctor for regular check-up at least once in a year or at least six months. Dean of External Affairs Prof Rajnish Wadhva also came to congratulate all the students and talked about general awareness , and importance of health and hygiene. Associate professor, Mr. S K Pandey concluded the session with a vote of thanks to the dean
sir, key note speaker all the faculties and students. He applauded the students of Association of Media Educators for being so regular in coming up with interesting workshops every month.

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