Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology, SGT University organized an expert talk on ‘’The Power of Positive Thinking’’

The Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology organized an expert talk on the power of positive thinking at the SGT University campus. All the faculty members along with the students participated in the session. The keynote speaker of the workshop was Assistant Professor, Ms. Aastha Dhingra from the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. BJMC first-year student Ishita Sharma was the moderator of the event for the day.


Highlighting the significance of having a positive outlook in life, the workshop started with a welcome note from the Dean of the department Prof. Sushil Manav. Giving the classic example of a glass full of water he said that it can be perceived as half empty or full depending on your attitude or perception towards it and the way you look at it and in life also it is your attitude that decides the level of success you achieve.



She stressed on the significance of mental health while also pointing out the rise in suicide rates worldwide and stated it is extremely crucial for people in this age to stay positive and learn the techniques to alleviate stress. She also played two songs to pep up and motivate the students.


While interacting with the students she asked general questions about their life and current state of mind. She picked up three students and asked them to think of a problem and then look around and take note of their surroundings, then showed them a presentation with slides that had pictures of some speakers and some Smileys and Emojis in them and then asked them to close their eyes and count and tell if they were able to recall how many speakers and tables and Emojis were there in those slides. Then she asked them to open their eyes and asked them about the problem if it was still there in their mind or not, to which all three students said that the problem was not there now at all. She said, ‘’This is one of the techniques through which we can overcome stress and control unwanted thoughts’.


She mentioned that it’s extremely important to have the right kind of thoughts to stay positive in life and one has to inculcate this habit over time. She added that it’s very important to smile as it not only makes you look attractive it immediately alters your mood, alleviates stress, and helps you stay positive. She advised the students to channel their energy into doing something constructive in life to overcome negative thinking.


She urged all the faculties and students to take a Pledge for 30 days and to make positive affirmations in the morning and say ”I m a champion” and ”I m the best” and on the 31st day, they will find that they are completely transformed.


Suggesting ways to enhance the self-esteem of the students she discussed about ways to handle negative emotions like jealousy and showed a presentation and said others are merely a reflection of your perception.


She also conducted an exercise for 15 minutes where she urged all the students to close their eyes and asked them to imagine themselves as newborn babies and to think of their parents who are so full of joy and can’t see even a drop of tears in their eyes who have sacrificed so much. Then instructed them to think of all the relatives who had criticized their parents for spending so much on their upbringing and education and then asked them to envision themselves at the pinnacle of success and consider how their parents would feel seeing them so successful. Half of the students in the auditorium got so emotional and were already in tears.


She showed a short film to the students with a message to never give up in life as she talked about the need to handle struggle and hardships. She also advised them to be determined about their goals and dreams because problems are a part of life and they should never give up on their dreams because where there is a will, there is a way.


Associate professor Mr. SK Pandey concluded the event with a vote of thanks to the Dean Sir, the speaker, all the students, and the faculties for such an interactive session and said that that this was the best talk he had ever heard. He also urged the students never to forget the sacrifices made by their parents. The speaker also expressed her gratitude to the Dean of the department Prof. Sushil Manav for the invitation and advised all the students that ‘’the harder you strive for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it’’.

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