Honoring our Teachers, the Backbone of Our Society

Nishtha Roy

Gurugram, September 5,

A teacher is the everlasting guru and mentor whose strict and tender training has moulded generations since the dawn of time. They can inspire optimism, spark the imagination, and cultivate a love of study. SGT University, Gurugram, commemorated Teacher’s Day on September 5, 2022 in the A Block, Shooting Floor, with great enthusiasm and joy to appreciate the dedication to the profession.

The teachers were greeted in the room with white and red flowers as the celebration officially began amid a flurry of excitement and loud Bollywood music. With balloons, floor decorations, and keepsakes with pictures on the walls, the students completely decked out the space. It was both the faculty and the students’ chance to revisit their memories. The lighting of the lamp sparked the beginning of the programme. Dean, Professor Sushil Manav, Dr. Sarju Devi, HODs, and all of the academic members

After the lamp was lit, the programme began as students took to the stage to perform poetry, dances, songs, plays, and other mesmerising performances that made everyone in the audience smile. The faculties were then invited to the stage for some entertaining activities. They were separated into teams and engaged in a friendly competition that made everyone laugh. Along with receiving titles, the teachers were even asked to perform a ramp walk on stage following loud cheers from the audience. The professors rocked the stage with their dances, speeches, and songs as they challenged them to a game of dares.

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