Lecture series on Gandhi, Ambedkar by CLC in SGT University

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, December 25

The Centre for Languages and Communication (CLC) in association with the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology (FMMT), SGT University, Gurugram, Delhi-NCR conducted a lecture series on ‘Major Contributions of Mahatma Gandhi and Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in the Making of Modern India.’

The lecture series, which was inaugurated on Monday, had two lectures by Prof. James Daniel, M.S. University; and Prof. Christhu Doss, University of Delhi. The concluding lectures concluded on Thursday also had two lectures; one by Prof. Nageshwar Shukla, and the other by Prof. Venkat Narayanan.

Prof. N.S. Tung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, SGT University, in his valedictory address lauded the efforts of the Centre for Languages and Communication, for conducting the series, and further explicated on the unflinching commitment and dedication of both Mahatma Gandhi and Babasaheb Ambedkar and their ideas on nation-building.

Prof. Sushil Manav, Dean, Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, expounded on the great principles of both Gandhi and Ambedkar for making our Indian Constitution.

Prof. Sarju Devi, Head, Centre for Languages and Communication, not only welcomed the dignitaries and participants, but also explained the introductory remarks. Prof. Nageshwar Shukla, in his lecture, exhorted the importance of both Gandhi and Ambedkar, and explained that the foundations of Indian democracy and its values are pre-eminent as both the leaders had their vision making a great India.

Dr. Venkat Narayanan, in his enlightened lecture, explored the diligent and prudent ways through which both the leaders tried for making a modern India, and further pointed out, from a stage of deplorable to a position of dignity and justice, India could pass through many struggles, and both the leaders were instrumental in contributing their ideas immensely.

While Ms. Amita Bhati and Ms. Sonia Srivastava, both lecturers, introduced the speakers, Ms. Bhawna Tomar, Lecturer, facilitated and contributed the lecture series vastly.

Prof. Sam Nesamony, CLC, not only conducted the question-answer session, but also offered the concluding remarks. The valedictory lectures concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Ashok Kumar Yadav.

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