The Department of Public Health Dentistry organizes a dental and medical camp at Mokalwas village, Gurugram

The Department of Public Health Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University in collaboration with the SGT Publicity Team organized a dental as well as medical camp on 30 May 2023 (Tuesday) at Mokalwas village, Gurugram. The dental team was headed by Dr. Priyanka Kundu (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Public Health Dentistry) along with 2 postgraduate students Dr. Divya (Dept. of Prosthodontics), Dr Ida (Dept. of Periodontics) and 5 interns Lokesh, Mumtaz, Jagriti, Jatin, Asha. Mr. Darshan (Attendant) accompanied us. A dental checkup of 29 individuals including 21 males and 8 females from different age groups was done. 13 individuals were provided basic treatment which included partial oral prophylaxis in the mobile dental van at the campsite. No Tobacco Day (31st May every year) was also celebrated by giving a health talk to the residents of the community. Counseling of tobacco users was also done. Tobacco users were told the ill effects of tobacco and motivated to quit using the habit. They were also advised to visit the Tobacco Cessation Centre at the University campus Dental Clinics for further assistance. Positive feedback was obtained from many patients post-treatment. However rigorous cases requiring complex treatment were referred to SGT dental college. All patients were given referral slips. The patients got ample opportunities to interact with the dental surgeons to enquire and gain knowledge concerning oral diseases. All patients were given yellow slips to get the treatment at a discounted price. The importance of maintaining good and hygienic oral health was verbally delivered to the patients. An oral hygiene kit consisting of toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash was
distributed to the needy population. Along with this, medicines including analgesics, antibiotics, and multivitamins were distributed at the campsite. With the involvement of every single member of the dental team and their enormous efforts, the motive of the dental camp was achieved to its maximum.

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