Training on video-editing in FDP on e-content by SGT University

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, January 8

Under the week-long Faculty Development Programme (FDP) organized by the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, SGT University, Gurugram, teachers were provided training in the editing of videos.

Asif Hussain, an Assistant Professor, provided training to the teachers about the technique of video editing so that they can prepare e-content for their students.

“Here at SGT University, we make sure that our E-Learning process reaches out to each student and therefore Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology organized the Faculty Development Programme on “Video Editing Techniques” for the newly joined faculty members,” said Hussain.

He delivered informed the faculty members on how to create vibrant and interesting E- Lecture, how to organize and edit digital footage with video-editing software.

He also discussed the understanding with a camera, framing, and editing to determine the overall vision of the production.

He said that the E-Lectures helps all the faculty members to connect with their students flawlessly with great video quality and content.

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