‘Design for Life’ showroom of Fashion & Design star attraction in SGT University


Gurugram, January 9

A showroom of ready-made garments opened by the Faculty of Fashion & Design in A Block of SGT University has become a centre of attraction for visitors.

This was inaugurated by Zoya Afroz on her visit to the University last month.

The showroom displays men’s and women’s garments and many faculty members and nonteaching staff is coming for their shopping.

Dr. M. K. Nair, Dean of Faculty of Fashion and Design said, “This showroom will help students understand and learn about the latest trends in designs, merchandising, visual merchandising, production management, quality control, quality management, fashion choreography, photography, procurement, production, and brand management.”

Dr. Nair further said the main motive is to make students adopt the learning cum earning concept so the students of the university get a better placement as they will have a complete experience of the fieldwork too.

“A clothing and shoe store has the advantage of a simple business model, which acquires inventory, displays the inventory, and markets the inventory. It’s easier to launch than many businesses, and students can also start it,” Dr. Nair added.

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