SGT University’s student journalists missing their classes during pandemic wave

Bhavya Pandey

Gurugram, January 8

Now that the third wave of COVID has begun, the pandemic has drastically affected people’s lives. Following the guidelines, classes are suspended and will run online. Once again, the activities of the students are constricted, disturbing their daily schedule as it is difficult to have a schedule while staying at home. Students said, “We miss going to college”. Himanshu said, “We encounter many issues in the online class, such as connectivity issues as we still lag behind in terms of technology”. The number of students participating in the class is reduced due to a variety of technological issues. “Many of us belong to rural areas where we still face electricity problems and also have connectivity issues which is a major hindrance for us”, said Lokbhadra. Tannu said, “Since it is difficult to do practical work in an online environment, many of our activities are now restricted”.

Offline classes provide many opportunities and help in the personality development of the students through social interaction which is now restricted. The efficacy of students is impacted as students are not used to digital learning which is affecting their academics as well.

Pandemic has severely affected final year students of all faculties by affecting their practical learning, Shreya said “Doing practical work is an important for us, which is not possible in online mode”. Their job prospects are also reduced due to lockdown.

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