Faculty of Agricultural Sciences explains the topic of research to Students’

 SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, March 10

On Thursday, faculty members and PG students from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences visited each trial of the student, and the student explained the topic of research, its objectives and the results to date including differences among the treatments imposed. It was a good exercise, which will help in building confidence among the students, practically in the field to learn the reasons of difference among treatments, to overcome the deficiencies, if any in experimentation. This will also help the students to become good researchers and find good placement opportunities in the public-private sector.

SGT University provides all research facilities to agriculture faculty and students on its farms spreading in an area of more than 50 acres. The PG students of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences conduct research trials in SGT University Research Farm on topics of local and national/international importance in agriculture and allied areas. In this rabi season, the students are conducting research experiments on integrated nutrient management, weed management and comparative performance of wheat, barley and mustard crops and their varieties.

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