Haryana police issues traffic advisory for foggy weather

SGT Times Reporter

Chandigarh, December 7

In view of the prevailing weather conditions and foggy season, Haryana Police has issued an advisory requesting the motorists to follow precautionary measures and Road traffic safety tips.

In an advisory issued here today, Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order & Traffic) Navdeep Singh Virk said that the commuters need to be more careful and alert while driving amidst the upcoming foggy season. It is also advised to monitor weather forecasts and follow the suggested traffic tips to prevent road accidents and mishaps.

He also emphasized on slow and defensive driving and added that more people driving defensively by abiding the traffic rules, the safer it will be out there.

Highlighting some of the important road safety tips Virk said that motorists should maintain safe distance from vehicles going ahead and must keep the fog lights and indicators continuously switched on. In addition, the Police have also requested drivers to drive with lights on low beams as high beams get reflected back in the fog and impair visibility.

Requesting the motorists to avoid changing lanes and crossing traffic, he further added that the commuters are advised to drive within the white lines painted on the road. The drivers must avoid using mobile phones and loud music systems during the trip. In case of dense fog, pulling over to a safe location and waiting for the fog to thin out should be considered for a safe journey.

 “People should not park their vehicles on the main road and should instead use lay-by lanes or park away from roads with indicators on,” Virk added.

The Police advisory also suggested some other safe-driving tips such as driving within the speed limit and taking care of vehicle’s maintenance like the proper functioning of headlamps, tail lights, indicators, brakes, tyres, windscreen wipers, battery, and vehicle heating system are in working order.

The advisory also suggested some miscellaneous precautionary measures like avoiding overtaking, changing lanes, crossing traffic and stopping on freeways and busy roads, etc.

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