It was a house full of TUSKERS: A Spectacular Triumph with Over 200 Energetic Students!

Tuskers, the University Level Student Society, which already has more than 200 dynamic members,
organized its first Workshop, an ice-breaking session, on Thursday from 2 PM onwards at TV Studio, B-
Block, SGT University. The buzzing atmosphere was nothing short of electrifying!

With an overwhelming turnout of more than 200 students from diverse faculties, this event proved to
be an extraordinary success, setting new standards for interactive gatherings. It was an event filled with
laughter, inspiration, and a true sense of camaraderie.

The event kicked off with a welcome note delivered by Dr. Radhika Rai. Dr. Radhika interacted with the
students and set the right tone for the further session. She shared her experiences and encouraged the
students to open up, after which students enjoyed some funny videos. TUSKERS’s student council and
faculty coordinators introduced themselves to all the members, and every TUSKER spoke about
themselves. Laughter echoed throughout the venue as everyone let their guards down and embraced
the friendly platform provided by Tuskers.

From the moment the doors opened, the vibrant energy of the students was palpable. Excitement filled
the air as they mingled and exchanged stories, sharing a common passion for the art of public speaking.
The room was abuzz with conversations, an eclectic blend of ideas, and getting-to-know rounds among
the students.

What truly made this meet-and-greet session exceptional was the inclusivity and warmth that radiated
from every corner. It was indeed an enjoyable session with some funny moments.

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