Knowledge is the biggest asset of a good anchor: Keshav Kumar

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, November 23

The Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, SGT University, here, organized a guest lecture on “Art of News Anchoring” by Keshav Kumar, senior news anchor with STV Haryana News, today.

Addressing students, Keshav Kumar said that a that a good anchor is expected to “hook” and “hold” the audience and hence the person aspiring to work as a news anchor need to possess the necessary qualities.

He said that a news anchor has to connect to masses which is possible only if the person has the information and knowledge of the topic on which he is speaking.

Explaining how sometimes even big names in the field of TV journalism could be caught unaware by their guest, Keshav cited the example of a note television anchor who once faced a similar situation while interviewing late Bal Thackrey.

The very first question the noted anchor asked Thackery was “Why people in Mumbai trembled on his name?”

The anchor was anticipating Thackery to deny this “allegation” so that he was able to put forward some instances before him.

However, Thackery’s reply left the anchor flabbergasted and he didn’t know how to react and what to say to keep hold of his audience.

“They should,” was Thackery’s reply who further added, “If they don’t fear me do you think they would tremble on your name?”

Keshav Kumar said that it was important for a news anchor to have knowledge of current affairs and what is happening surrounding him or her.

He kept his lecture a two-way communication and involved the students in.

A mock TV debate on “Whether women should be posted at forward positions in the armed forces” made the session livelier, as several students participated in the debate and spoke for and against the topic.

Earlier, introducing the news anchor, Prof Sushil Manav, Dean, Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, informed that Keshav Kumar was a product of this university and hence it was a matter of proud that he was working with leading news channels.

Manav said that looking at Keshav Kumar’s confidence, diction and command over language, he had no doubt that he would be representing one of the biggest news channels of the country very soon. Prof SK Pandey thanked Keshav Kumar for his lecture.

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