SGT University students participate in British Parliamentary Debate Competition in Ludhiana, Punjab.

A British Parliamentary Debate Competition was held in Ludhiana. Students from SGT University who took part in the competition were Chanchal, Arshnoor Kaur, Ayush Gaur, and Ishita Kakkar. Under the guidance of Mandeep Sir, a faculty member of the pharmacy department, who provided valuable guidance and feedback to the team during their preparation for the competition.

The competition consisted of several rounds, and each round was judged by a panel of judges. In the first round, the team was told, “India has lost its neighbor.” They presented convincing arguments and counter-arguments, focusing on India’s relationship with its neighboring countries. SGTians won the round by a significant margin. In the second round, the team was given the topic of “Japan is lost on the world map.” They argued that Japan, despite being a powerful and prosperous country, was often overlooked on the world map due to the dominance of other countries in international affairs. The team was able to present compelling arguments and won the round again. In the pre-quarterfinals, the team was given the topic of “Taiwan will be a flashpoint between US-China relations.” SGTians presented our arguments, highlighting Taiwan’s strategic importance and the risks associated with any conflict in the region. Overall, SGTians had an impressive performance in the British Parliamentary Debate Competition, winning two rounds before losing in the pre-quarterfinals.
Students were grateful for the opportunity to participate in the competition and look forward to more opportunities to improve their skills and participate in future debates.

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