The Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology, SGT University takes part in the 52-hour International Filmmaking Challenge ‘’Filmithon 2023’’

The Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology, SGT University has taken up the challenge to complete two films in the 52- hour International Filmmaking Challenge ‘’Filmithon 2023’’ from 1st January2023 to 27th February 2023. More than fifty schools, media colleges and universities across the globe are participating in the festival. The team is comprised of 20 students and 3 faculty members who will work continuously for 52 hours to make two films out of which one is a fiction and the other one is a documentary.
During the inauguration ceremony on Monday students’ leader broke the ceremonial coconut. The students are working under the guidance of the Head of the Department, Mr. Kranti Anand and Assistant Professor, Mr. Abhishek Dubey. The shooting is being done at different locations within the university and outside location as well and the team also visited Tikli farm house, Sohna Gurgaon for the shoot.
The aim of the fiction movie is to dispel superstitions as they can be life threatening sometimes. The documentary aims to educate the farmers about two techniques of new age vertical farming and is based on Hydroponics and Aeroponics. The film demonstrates the process of farming and discusses the benefits of adopting such techniques. Experts’ opinions have also been incorporated in the movie to know if this method is cost effective and if a common man can use this technique to do farming at home.
The students have shown great enthusiasm and according to their expertise have been allocated pre production, production and post production responsibilities.

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