The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, SGT University organised a five-day FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM on the theme “INNOVATION IN HEALTH SCIENCES: CHALLENGES AND FUTURE TRENDS” from 13th – 17th February 2023. The FDP aims to enlighten the faculties about recent advances in allied health research through expert talks and build a research culture by motivating the faculties to engage in research. Each day of the FDP has a definite sub-theme. Prof Vikas Dhawan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, SGTU, graced the opening ceremony with his presence. Prof Ejaz Hussain, Dean, FAHS, the head of various departments, and all faculties of FAHS were present in the FDP. 74 faculties across the various faculties of SGT University have registered and are actively participating in the event.
The theme of the 1st day (13th Feb 2023) of the FDP was ‘Health and Wellness’. Health and wellness can have a major impact on one’s life. Good health and wellness can help anyone live a long, active, and fulfilling life. It can also help you feel good about yourself physically and mentally. This principle of how to keep oneself healthy should necessarily be practiced by all faculties and passed on to the students for their overall growth and development. Following the day’s theme, there were four talks organized on the 1 st day of the FDP. Beginning with the first talk, Dr . Deepti Verma, Head Nutritionist, VLCC, India emphasized four points for the overall health and well-being. The four points were the importance of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and meditation in leading a healthy life in every way, be it physically, mentally, and spiritually. Dr. Verma highlighted the need to incorporate all these points as a part of the course curriculum. The 2nd talk was by Prof H N Mallick, HoD, Department of Physiology, FMHS, SGTU, in which he focused on the importance of maintaining sleep hygiene and following the circadian rhythm. The 3rd talk of the day was by Dr. Vineet Pathak, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, FMSH, SGTU, in which he enlightened the listeners with the ways by which we can stay aware and make others aware of the mental health of each of us. Mental health should not be considered a taboo or stigma and should be placed on the same pedestal as physical health. The last talk of the day was by Prof Pooja Anand, Dean, FPHY, SGTU, whose talk was all about ‘exercise being the medicine’. The exercise routine that we follow should be like the phrase ‘to each, his own’. She educated the listeners about the FITT technique of designing the exercise program. FITT stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of exercise to be done whether doing aerobics or any high-intensity exercise. She also taught some basic and simple stretching exercises which can be practiced while at work to break the sedentary lifestyle and keep oneself relaxed and flexible at the same time.

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