How nurses can become entrepreneurs : A lesson learnt while attempting to work in technology driven SGT university during Synergy 2022

-Prof. Pity koul


It is time for nursing professionals  to think beyond the four walls of working as traditional direct care providers which is only one part  of  the nursing care

This can be supported by the  the fact that year  2020  was declared as the year of nurses by the WHO

The focus on empowerment,  and involvement of nurses in health and nursing policy and as nurse practitioners in all specialized areas specifically Midwifery practitioners, Critical care practitioners, and many more have paved the way for entrepreneurship in nursing.

Now the question arises how can you create or become nurse entrepreneurs?

The vision has to be taken in mission mode to facilitate and prepare young nurses in that direction to realize the goal of Honourable PM the Aatam Nirbhar Bharat where you become job providers and not job seekers.

With education practice and experience, Nurses can become successful entrepreneurs in various areas. However, before starting a new venture it is important for nurses to have a clear understanding of their business idea, target market, and potential competition. Also, they may need to have some business know how and may take some business training programme/s.


Here are Some potential ways for nurses to become entrepreneurs.

Nurses can become entrepreneurs by starting their own businesses or by creating new products or services within the healthcare industry.


  • Start a home health care agency different from the nurse’s Bureau which supplies nurses to families  for home nursing
  • Develop a health-related app or software  which can lead to efficient and cost-effective care
  • Start a consultancy to provide consulting services on various health issues
  • Start telenursing and telehealth services
  • Create health related product/s

Let us elaborate on these points


  • Nurses with experience in home health care can start the agency to provide services such as nursing care, physical therapy, psychosocial sup, port and occupational therapy to patients, family care givers in their homes as per need
  • Provide assessment and management services neighborhood community and schools regarding preventive and promotive health aspects and  first aid  measures in minor ailments and emergencies
  • Nurses with experience in technology or an interest in programming can develop a medical app or software to help patients manage their health or make it easier for healthcare professionals to communicate and access patient information.
  • Nurses with expertise in a particular area of healthcare, such as infection control or chronic disease management, maternal health, Newborn , child and adolescent   health  can start a consulting services  to advise other healthcare professionals or organizations and families  on best practices. such as diet nutrition ,life style problems independent preventive ,promotive and rehabilitative services /aspects
  • Nurses with an interest in design or engineering can create a medical product, such as a new type of dressing or a device to help patients with mobility issues. Pain relief, risk assessment and so on
  • Nurses with experience in telehealth can start their own telehealth  and telenursing service to provide virtual consultations, check-ins, and remote monitoring to patients, care givers and families in health and illness

It is worth while to mention that

  • Faculty members of Faculty of nursing SGT university are already working in this direction


[The author is Professor and Dean, Faculty of Nursing, SGT University]

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