Faculty of Physiotherapy, SGT University organizes an academic visit

SGT Times Reporter
Gurugram, April 21

Faculty of Physiotherapy, SGT University, went on an Academic visit to the Indian Head Injury Foundation Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Association, Health Centre.
The mission of IHIF is to foster the development of a comprehensive brain trauma care system in India.
Rehabilitation is an essential part of recovery after a traumatic brain injury. It may include physical, occupational, and speech therapy as well as psychological rehabilitation. It aims to help the brain learn alternative ways of working in order to minimize the long-term impact of brain injury. Rehabilitation also helps the survivor and the family to cope successfully with any remaining disabilities
IHIF has used the services of “The Music Therapy Trust” to regularly provide lessons to patients and victims of Brain Trauma at the IHIF Rehab Centre
The centre has been established with a large capital outlay received from charitable donors, and consists of high quality, top of the line rehabilitation equipment like the balance system SD, GAIT trainer with the unweighing system, Thera trainer, ball pool, standing frame, etc. The facility is focused on the weaker sections of our society who cannot afford expensive, good-quality rehabilitation.
Students of MPT-Neurology Final Year and faculties were privileged to visit DCWA, Health Centre for consecutively 3 days as it helped them in upgrading their rehabilitation skills through various advanced programs. All the students of MPT-Neurology were accompanied by faculty members.
Dr. Shweta Sharma (PT), Dr. Vinika Chaudhary (PT), and Dr. Arti Gupta (PT) specialize in Neurological disorders went to the DCWA, Health Centre for three days. This foundation is having a physiotherapy and occupational therapy department under the supervision of senior Physiotherapist, Dr. Prateek. They are providing rehabilitation to various cases like stroke, and head injury with the help of various advanced programs like virtual reality, advanced gait-training programs, etc.
Dr. Prateek has outlined all the programs for neurological rehabilitation of the patients in which he has demonstrated the protocol and key points to using virtual programs for the patients. Students have also enquired about their queries regarding these cases. This visit was fruitful for students as well as faculties to enhance their knowledge in virtual reality programs for neurological cases to improve the recovery rate of the patients.

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