Interactive session with Mississippi State University don in SGT University

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, December 29

The Faculty of Education, SGT University organised an Interactive Session with Professor Ajay Singh, Mississippi State University, U.S.A, on Tuesday.

Prof. Singh’s research areas of work include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism, Single Subject Research, Comparative Education, and International Research Partnership.

He is currently a fellow of many royal societies and associations such as the Royal Society of Medicine, Public Health, and the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine.

There is a quotation that says “Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make difference”

Laying emphasis on quality of research rather than quantity, Prof. Singh said that even 200 articles may not stand anywhere near one good research paper, if it is published in renowned publication.

He said the reason why Indians lagged behind in good research was that they focussed more on quantity rather than quality.

Indian students present their work based on assumptions but they lack statistics that’s why they are not able to answer fact-related questions. He opines that faculty should prepare their students in a way that they would be able to face any kind of question when asked.

Research needs a lot of time and energy investment to get fruitful results.

Professor Sam Nesamony, Centre for Languages and Communication, in his questions, raised the issues on making a research university, achieving the international ranking and quality higher education in India.

Professor. Ajay Singh responded positively and answered swiftly by telling that for making a research university, publication of research articles in the reputed and peer-reviewed journals, highly-qualified academicians, global collaboration with world-class universities of high ranking are some of the pre-eminent and paramount parameters.

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