Learn Dreaming With Open Eyes, Put Head, Hands And Heart To Turn Dreams Into Reality, IPS Sangeeta Kalia Tells Civil Services Aspirants

“People don’t have to look for motivation elsewhere, because the real motivation lies within.”

Sangeeta Kalia, an IPS officer of Haryana cadre presently posted as Superintendent of Police at Ambala Cantt, said these words while delivering a motivational lecture to students of SGT University, Gurugram, who are aspiring for civil services.

She said that students aspiring for civil services examination or any other examination for that matter need to learn the art of having control over their head and heart so that they can have attention to their studies without any distractions.

Kalia, who came from a very humble background before she made it to the IPS, said students should learn the art of dreaming with open eyes and then throw in their head, hands and heart to translate those dreams into reality.

Sangeeta Kalia described how she first developed her childhood dream of becoming an SP in her own Bhiwani district after watching a tele-serial ‘Udaan’ starring Kavita Chaudhary, who becomes an IPS officer after pursuing her childhood dream.

“I didn’t even know how one becomes an IPS officer, but I had a dream that I have to become SP of my Bhiwani district,” she said.

Daughter of a painter who worked in Haryana Police, Sangeeta Kalia eventually became SP of the district where her father once painted walls of the police buildings.

She said she had often heard people saying, “I can’t do this.” But for attaining success, the attitude should be “There is nothing which I can’t do.”

Kalia described fear as a person’s worst enemy and said fear of failure is one thing that stops people from trying.

“What if you fail after trying. At least you have the satisfaction that you tried hard. Failure is the first ladder to success. So, keep trying till you succeed,” said the IPS officer in her success mantra to the students.

Students asked questions from the IPS officer, of which she gave her reply to satiate their inquisitions.

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