HAFED Made Availability Of Certified Wheat Seeds At Subsidized Rates

 HAFED has produced 58218 quintals of good quality certified wheat seeds to sell to the farmers at a subsidized sale rate of Rs. 1000 per 40Kg bag as fixed by the Haryana Government. These seeds will be given to the farmers in the Rabi season.

“HAFED brand wheat seed of promising Wheat varieties – WH-1105, HD-3086, HD-2967, HD-3226 and WH-1124 is available for sale at the outlets of Cooperative Marketing Societies and PACS in the State. Hafed has set up its own seed processing plant at Ganaur that can produce over 4 tons of seeds per hour,” said a HAFED spokesperson.

HAFED organizes the Seed Production Programme every year to produce the quality Certified Wheat Seed. The farmers of the state are requested to avail the benefit of purchasing good quality Certified Wheat Seed of HAFED at the sale outlets of Cooperative Marketing Societies and PACS.

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