Lara Dutta Talks Pay Gap and Changing Landscape of Bollywood

Reported by Riya Garg


Renowned actress Lara Dutta recently spoke out about the persistent issue of pay disparity in the film industry, shedding light on her own experiences and the evolving landscape of Bollywood.


Reflecting on her early days in the industry, Lara highlighted the challenges faced by women, particularly the glaring pay gap. Despite putting in equal, if not more, effort than their male counterparts, women often find themselves earning significantly less. Lara emphasized the need to address this inequality, stressing that it remains a pressing issue even today.


However, amidst these challenges, Lara also noted the positive changes occurring within Bollywood. She acknowledged the contributions of pioneering women who have played a crucial role in reshaping perceptions and breaking stereotypes. Gone are the days when women were expected to step back from their careers after reaching a certain age; Lara herself continues to thrive in her career well into her 40s.


Looking back on her journey as a celebrity over the past two decades, Lara described a shift towards greater professionalism and organization within the industry. While the early days may have been more chaotic and free-flowing, there is now a stronger emphasis on professionalism and streamlined processes. Lara also commented on the pressures faced by younger actors in today’s media-centric environment, contrasting it with the focus on work that characterized her early years in Bollywood.


In addition to her insightful remarks, Lara Dutta’s upcoming projects showcase her versatility as an actress. From her roles in “Welcome To The Jungle” to “Suryast,” Lara continues to captivate audiences with her talent. Moreover, rumors of her portrayal of Kaikeyi in Nitesh Tiwari’s “Ramayana” have generated excitement among fans, although there has been no official confirmation yet.


With her candid insights and diverse roles, Lara Dutta remains a prominent figure in Bollywood, challenging norms and inspiring change in the industry.

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