Nightingale Association of stress management under the Department of Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, SGT University organizes a workshop

SGT Times Reporter
Gurugram, April 30

On the First Day of the Faculty of Nursing under the Department of Mental Health Nursing Nightingale Association of stress management organized a workshop (Hands of Training) on “Enhancing Psychological Skills- SAKSHAM.
A welcome address was given by Ms. Ruchika Duggal, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing, SGT University followed by a Key address given by Dr. Sunil K Dular, Dean, Faculty of Nursing, SGT University.
Sir had insisted on the importance of developing psychological skills among participants so that they can equip themselves to face challenging situations.
The introduction of the workshop was given by Dr. Joseph Jeganathan, Professor, Faculty of Nursing, SGT University, after which the sessions of Day-1 have started.
The first session of D1 was on “Know yourself – Who am I?” Prof. Raman Deep, Head of, the Department of Mental Health Nursing, SGT University, made the session very lively by involving the participants in activities to know themselves better.
The next session was conducted by Ms. Poonam Ahlawat, Faculty of Nursing, SGT University on “Personality Assessment”, she enlightened the participants on personality assessment and made them perform personality assessment using the Big five personality inventory.
The third session was on “Countering Academic stress” the eminent speaker was Dr. Vikas Sharma, HOD, Department of Clinical Psychology, SGT University, he enlightened the participants with vibrant training sessions in handling academic stress.
In the afternoon Dr. Randhir Singh Yadava, Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, SGT University, dealt with “Equalizing work – Life” and the last Session of Day- 1 was conducted by Mr. Abishek Singh, PG Tutor, Faculty of Nursing, SGT University he shared his expertise on Professional Resilience Building.
On Day Two, the workshop began by welcoming the gathering and recapitulation of the Day one session by Ms. Jyoti, PG Tutor, Department of Mental Health Nursing, SGT University.
The first Academic session of Day- 2 was a virtual session on “Motivational Interviewing and its applications” by Ms. Lakshmi Nair, Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, USA.
Ms. Nair shared her experiences in changing behavior among patients with substance use disorders and made the session very illustrative by displaying a short video on communication and differentiating empathy and sympathy.
Ms. Elizabeth Sam, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner demonstrated the motivational interview session through role-playing between a Nurse and a patient who is a chronic smoker with a health problem. Then Nursing Student, SGT University performed group activity on stages of change, including pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, and Action.
The Next deliberation was on “Articulating thoughts effectively” by Dr. Sumity Arora, Faculty, PDSON, Deen Dayal, New Delhi, wherein she discussed various strategies to articulate effectively for better communication.
The last session of the workshop was on “Augmenting Assertive Techniques” again by Dr. Sumity Arora. In this session, she enlightened on Aggressive, Passive and Assertive behavior and suggested various tips for becoming more assertive by using various case scenarios.
Prof. Raman Deep, Head of Dept. of Mental Health Nursing, SGT University concluded the session and motivated the participants to use this learning in their everyday life.
The participants expressed that all the sessions were beneficial to them and assured that they will practice the skills routinely in their personal as well as professional life. The Valedictory session ended with the felicitation of Dr. Sumity Arora and a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Suman Vashist, Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing. Overall the workshop was was a huge success and enriched the skills of Nursing students.

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