SC Flags Alarming Prescription Practices: IMA Urged to Act

Reported by Deeksha

In a recent development, the Supreme Court raised concerns about the prescription practices of allopathic doctors, emphasizing the need for accountability and ethical conduct in the medical profession. The court criticized the Indian Medical Association (IMA) for allegedly endorsing expensive and unnecessary medicines and urged the organization to ensure that its members prioritize patient well-being over commercial interests.

The court highlighted instances where doctors allegedly misused their positions to prescribe medicines that were not essential or excessively priced. It also expressed disappointment that some IMA members supported such practices, emphasizing the importance of putting the house in order within the medical community.

As the hearing adjourned until April 30, the court directed the IMA to take necessary steps to regulate prescription practices and uphold the highest standards of medical ethics. This call for accountability underscores the significance of ensuring that medical professionals prioritize the health and welfare of their patients above all else.

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